No End To Our Pages

In his book How to Write Short, writer and journalist Roy Peter Clark reminds us all of the power of electronic devices and their ability to connect us with so many sights, sounds, people, places . . . just a continuous feed of anything and everything.

“At this moment, the right pocket in my jeans contains more computing power than the space vessel that carried the first astronauts to the moon. My Apple iPhone 4S stores all of Shakespeare’s plays, a searchable source I can use for quick reference. More often, I like to use my mobile phone for access to what are no longer being called “new” forms of information delivery: blog posts, e-mails, text messages, YouTube videos, 140-character tweets, and Facebook updates, not to mention games, weather reports, Google Maps, coupons, The White House, Al Jazeera, NPR, dozens of newspapers, music sites, an electronic drum set, and app that imitates the sounds of Star Wars light sabers, one that turns your photo into an image of a zombie, . . .”

The writers of the Chapin Chronicle accept the challenges of trying to manage this amazing and often overwhelming feed to bring some of their best writing and ideas to their audiences.

Our internet page has no end of page, so we are excited to explore what this platform can do for us  as we keep writing, and linking, and revising, and rethinking to newer ideas.

Follow each of our writers as they camp out at their latest free wi-fi spot, scribbling, recording, and uploading their newest posts.