Top 5 High School TV Shows

Some people just love high school so much that on their free time they want to watch TV shows about it. The main reason why TV shows that circulate around a high school do so well is because the main audience are teenagers. Many teenagers feel  they can relate to the characters in the show that deal with the same things they deal with on a daily basis. Here are a few shows that can get you started in this genre.

5.) Riverdale

This show is based off of and consist of the characters from the beloved Archie comics. There is more of a darker tone than the comics, and the show takes place after the murder of high schooler. There’s a lot of characters and all of them seem to be connected to this murder in one way or another.

4.) Glee

Glee is a classic to many tv show bingers. This is a bright and bubbly show that’s a sort of coming-of-age slice-of-life story about teenagers coming to terms about who they are and shows them finding a voice for themselves in the world and in high school.

3.) Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Another classic for the tv high school genre. Unlike Glee or Riverdale, this show has it’s roots in the paranormal world. Following teenager Buffy Summers, this show is about her and her friends fighting evil vampires and ghouls while maintaining their high school lives.

2.) Danganronpa

Of course, this show is not for everyone. This is an anime about a group of high schoolers that get into a prestigious boarding school, only to be thrown into a game by a stuffed animal in which they have to kill each other to survive. Sort of a Battle Royale type of show. There’s also a game series, along with the anime.

1.) Wizards of Waverly Place

As a kid, Wizards of Waverly Place was my favorite show to watch on disney channel. This show’s about siblings Alex, Justin, and Max Russo who come from a family of wizards. They have to juggle their normal high school lives with their wizard training magic filled lives. But sometimes the two blend in catastrophic and amazing ways

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