The Final Countdown of the Year

There is less than a week left of school, nearing the end of the 2016-2017 school year. Some may be excited to end the year while others are sad because they’ll be saying goodbye to friends, and some even to El Paso.

While the year may be ending, the memories still live on among students. School started on August 22, 2016. Many new faces roamed the halls. The majority were freshman and others entirely new to the “Sun City.” Starting early was school spirit. Homecoming, only a few weeks into the school year, held a week of eventful experiences and ended with the dance at the Wyndham Hotel.

Then there was the PSAT that was taken in late October along with Thanksgiving Break rolling along. Christmas break was short to follow and it was awhile until the next break.

During the year, some memorable events occurred. In November, President Donald Trump was elected.  The Chicago Cubs won the World Series. Hamilton captured the hearts of many. El Paso did not see the slightest of snow. Chapin High School recognized some of the most outstanding students.

Spring break came around and then it’s the long haul until summer vacation. EOC testing occurred, along with AP testing. Overall, this year was very eventful. Not to mention, the Lady Husky Softball team advancing very far. The boys basketball team also took their players to the next level. Some recognized huskies came from a variety of sports: wrestling, track, volleyball, but this year has to come to an end.

Surely, this year has ended with fireworks. Hopefully, next year’s students will be a great addition and make the firework show spectacular.

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