Fencing Tournament

Every year the fencing team has their annual tournament towards the end of the school year. The only high schools with a fencing team are Irvin and Chapin. Chapin’s fencing team is a little different. While Irvin does traditional Olympic fencing, Chapin does a mixture of that and HEMA (Historic European Martial Arts). This is why the two schools never fence each other. The tournament is fought among the Chapin fencers rather than another team. The purpose of the tournament is to go over what they learned over the whole year and to say farewell to the seniors that are leaving the team. In a way, it’s kind of like a graduation.

The tournament starts with the 2nd year, or 1st year tournament, depending on whichever group is smaller. The 2nd year tournament is in a ring that includes the fighting style of HEMA and modern traditional Olympic fencing. the 1st year tournament is only modern traditional Olympic fencing, fought on a strait strip called the piste. On the piste, you can only go forward or backwards. In the ring, you may move around, but you can not step out of the ring our it’s an automatic loss. As the titles imply, the 2nd year tournament is fought amongst the fencers that have been in fencing for two or more years. The 1st year tournament is, of course, fought amongst fencer who have only been in fencing for 1 year.

After the two tournaments, the fencers break for lunch where they and the audience can eat the lunch that is brought. Usually it’s hamburgers and hot dogs and such. After lunch, the fencers will play a few games that they play in practice. The tournament is very fun for both the fencers and the fencers parents

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