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Drama in the NBA (again)

LeBron James. “The best player in the world”, “The Chosen One”, “The King” has been causing a stir in the NBA and media.

LeBron James11/21/14

LeBron James recently has been telling the media and has been speaking out against his team. His expletive comments have made the media have different opinions on this controversy. LeBron on his team struggles saying, “We’re not better than last year…. It’s me, Kyrie, and Kevin…. We need a [expletive] play maker.”

This made Charles Barkley a NBA analyst for TNT’s, “Inside the NBA”, say his comments were, “Inappropriate, whiny…. The Cleveland Cavaliers have given him everything he wanted…”. He basically said later he is the best player and he thinks he can every player, and they are the defending champions, they shouldn’t need more.

There are people like Shaquille O’Neal, who disagree with Barkley, in a sense that he has won championships and LeBron needs more, and Barkley knows nothing about winning. He agrees with Barkley that he shouldn’t have commented to the media.

Philadelphia 76ers Charles Barkley 1991

The aftermath of that show saying, “He’s a hater… What makes him credible?” and bringing up Barkley’s troubled past, making it personal. Charles Barkley commented the next day on ESPN, saying “He did his homework.” Also saying, “We’ll never be friends.” Charles won’t back down.

Many people have sided with Charles Barkley. Magdalena Guillen saying, “LeBron needs to shut up, and play.”

I agree can see both sides of this argument from Charles and Shaq’s sides. LeBron is the “best player in the world” in many people’s eyes, and he just won, and he basically has the same team from last year, and for him to call out his team, and not showing respect to his teammates is inappropriate and whiny. Shut up and perform, many teams that have repeated, never complained.

On Shaq’s side, he knows what he is talking about because he has won three times in a row, so he is credible, but he was a center and he doesn’t have the mindset of a forward.

Shaquille O’Neal

Not to mention early in the year, LeBron was resting basically anytime he wanted, so he shouldn’t be complaining. It makes me mad that people put him in the same sentence as Michael Jordan or even Kobe Bryant. They have never complained.

LeBron James has the experience, good enough players, it’s not like he is playing by himself he has an All-Star starter in Kyrie Irving, talking about a clutch player, WOW! Kevin Love a walking double-double. Kyle Korver, an all time great 3-point shooter. Tristan Thompson a pretty dominant center. Just face it, they are having a Finals hangover. They are not good enough!

So, it shows he and the Cleveland Cavaliers is scared of the improved Golden State Warriors, and he is not a top five player of all-time. Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant have shown they are better players


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