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A Much-Needed Weekend Relief

A four-day weekend sounds pretty great, right? Well, prepare yourself for some good news.

This weekend, students within the EPISD district have a four-day weekend.   On Friday, February 17th, teachers have Staff Development, thus giving students the day off. Then, on February 20th, students have President’s Day off. Overall, this weekend comes as a blessing for most students.

This weekend comes as a midway point from the past winter break till upcoming spring break. Not only is this weekend time to catch up on some z’s but also a time to perhaps slow down life for a bit.

Some students often travel during extended weekends, having that much needed weekend getaway. With the winter weather, Ruidoso seems as a frequent location that students often visit. Ruidoso is the place to get that ski experience in or perhaps just enjoy the beautiful outdoors.

That may sound lovely and worth experiencing, but some students don’t have that opportunity. Instead, they are sitting at their desks at home completing an extensive report on identifying the velocity of a mouse running down a 17 foot cliff.

Even with the third nine-weeks already six weeks done, many students are finally getting used to a normal school day schedule, coming to terms in recovery from over winter break. It is as if some students were abducted during winter break and are finally returning home, exiting the mothership.

This weekend may be a blessing to some students, but to others this weekend is just another weekend where teachers may pack you with homework in hopes that you return with a substantial amount of new knowledge drilled into your brain.

Whether this weekend may be fun-filled with games or packed with an 11-page essay report, this weekend is still a break away from school walls.

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