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What is Natural Hair?

Natural hair been around for centuries, but in the black community natural hair is now something to be proud of.  What does Natural hair mean exactly? Well being natural is term that refers to not having chemically treated hair. The perm is a formula that permanently straighten your hair; however, a perm  can cause pain, hair loss, open sores  on the scalp, and can eventually cause cancer. Therefore, having natural hair is not a new trend in the black community, but more black women that had a perm are now taking a special look towards the effects on their body.

How to get rid of perm hair?

If you have chemical treated hair, you will go mouths without perming your hair, now this is call transitioning stage. After having your desire length you can cut off ends, and start new.

Hair style for Beginners:

Box braids


A Wash n Go

These two hair styles depends hair type and growth.  The different type of hair pattern you may have, the variation of hair products that you may use. For example, I have a mixture between 3C and 4B, so my hair products are a lot different from my sister.


Hair Styles for everyday:


Flat twist crown

A Puff

These three are prefect for everyday, because they are not on the neck and the face.

Protective Hair Style


Head scarf

Flat Twist

Box Braid

Senegalese twist

These three protective hair style are perfect for vacation, the hot months, and winter months. The purposes for a protective style is to protect your hair from natural heat damage, and having it dry out really fast. Natural heat damage is caused by the sun and dry hair usually happens during the winter months.



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