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History of Sports

Many of the sports we have today have origins from primitive sorts and pastimes of ancient times.

Neolithic rock art found at the cave of swim 6000 B.C. prehistoric cave paintings have alsounknown been found in Japan depicting a sport similar to sumo wrestling in Wadi Sura, near golf kefir in Libya has shown evidence of swimming and archery being practiced.

The Mayan ball game of Pitunknown-2s is believed to be the first ball sport, as it was first played around 2500 B.C.  and was part of Maya political, religious, and social life. Played with a rubber ball ranging in size from a softball to a soccer ball, players would attempt to bounce the ball without using their hands through stone hoops attached to the sides of the ball court.

There are artifacts and structures that suggest that the Chinese engaged in sporting activities as early as 2000 B.C. Gymnastics appears to have been popular in China’s ancient past.

It is said that wrestling and boxing were the first sports to be played. Track and field can be considered also as one of the first sports ever played. Anything that has to do with running,  throwing ball-like objects, and sports that are related to hunting can be said to been played in earlier time.

There are some sports that have developed from everyday things to competition events. For example, some are horse riding, canoeing and archery from military activities.

The first recorded ancient olympic event was a foot race. As time went by they added more unknown-1events such as wrestling, boxing, equestrian, discus, javelin, and jumping. All these events were part of the ancient olympics but only one was mentioned in the bible and that was wrestling. The most popular sport played around the world is said to be “Tsu Chu” or as we know it today soccer.

Its crazy how so many sports are said to be the first, but how do we know which one is the first theres so many sports. Which one do you think is the first?

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