Studying for the right results

Nathan Wheaton
Nathan Wheaton studies during class (Adan Esparza/Chronicle)

Many students drag their feet into an unfamiliar classroom, ready for the test they are not looking forward to. While some are more ready and for more confident walking into the classroom than others, and leave with their heads held high, leaving behind those who are glooming over their sad attempt at a test.

“Studying helps improve your grades and sets you up for a more successful college experience in the future,” said Chapin student Gabriel Branbila, a student who tends to pass most challenging tests when he has studied for them.

The sad truth is, many students do not find it necessary to study, whether it is because they think they already know all of the information, or if they just donʼt want to study.  Students only feel they need to study for subjects like math or science, and some donʼt feel like it is necessary to study for any tests.

“Students never study, so they don’t realize the importance of studying. It doesn’t happen very often anymore,” said Chapin science teacher Karl Queen.

Any test can be difficult and drastically bring your grade down, making studying necessary to maintain a good grade in all subjects. Most high school students who study before tests tend to pass and finish their tests faster than most students who do not study.

Studying can give a larger sense of confidence throughout the test, which can even help you choose an answer for a question you donʼt understand.

“Studying helps you recollect information faster, so it makes testing much easier,” said Chapin social studies teacher Ashley Hafemeister.

Unfortunately, there is little to no difference between the number of students that study in regular and PAP or AP classes. Many teachers act as helpful as they can towards their students and provide review sheets that can easily be filled in and studied, which sadly does not change the mentality of students who dislike studying.

 “Only about 10% of students taking my test are usually prepared,” Chapin

mathematics teacher Rogelio Myres said. “ Studying is pretty much the same between regular and AP classes,” said Myres when asked about a possible difference in studying between classes.

A student from Chapin who usually studies named Josh Procell weighed in on how studying can affect your test grades and said, “I usually get a 98 or somewhere around there when I study for a test.”

Cesar Aguilar sees the importance of studying and acknowledged how studying increases his comfort throughout a test.

“I finish pretty fast when I have studied for a test because I already know the material,” said Aguilar.

Only about 0.6% of students in North America study for important tests, like the STAAR and TAKS, as shown in a recent study by U.S. News Education. The study also showed that at an even more surprising number, only about 15% to 40% of Texas students passed major tests for English and math.

To maintain a grade to be proud of and boost your confidence in the classroom, studying is recommended.

“Studying gives me better options for the future,” Chapin student Marisol McLead said.

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