Starbucks needs to stay “Happy”

Earlier in May, Starbucks introduced a happy hour from 3pm to 5pm to promote all of the new frappucinos. If you are not familiar with the Starbucks language, A frappucino means a cold coffee drink, which is perfect for this time of year.

I was thrilled to find out that Starbucks was having a happy hour, which for them, is very rare. I made sure to take advantage of the promotion, going every time I had an opportunity. Of course, the coffee shop was packed more than usual and everybody had the largest size out of all the cups: the Venti. Then, it hit me: everybody here is a fellow Starbucks fan and knows they need to act on the deals that Starbucks throws our way. So why can’t Starbucks extend the happy hours throughout the year?

I’m sure that the sales would increase, knowing how crazy people are for coffee. Most people would buy Venti sized cups anyways, so they would still be making money. I’m not saying that Starbucks always needs to have a happy hour everyday like Sonic or Taco Bell, but they should do it at least twice a year and extend the duration of it from 10 days to maybe 20 days minimum.

The time that the happy hour lasted was too short. Most students are still in school during the time of the happy hour and are busy from 3-5pm. Plus, the weekends are too crowded, especially if you’re anti-social and hate crowds like me. Not to mention the lines are longer; who wants to wait in lines?Starbucks is the trending thing among us teens, so making it difficult to participate in the promotion is just wrong. It almost seemed like Starbucks was playing hard to get with the customers, and the only reason they did it was just for say. Plus, with more convenient happy hours, many customers will come back more than they usually do. I went Starbucks more often when they had the happy hour.

I know that Starbucks is a business and that they need to make money but, they still should make the happy hour longer. That’s all I’m asking them for, and I’m sure every other Starbucks fan would agree.

Danielle Ortiz
Danielle Ortiz is a staff writer for The Chapin Chronicle. You can follow her on Twitter @3socialhuskies

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