Injuries sideline Chapin Husky athletes

(Tatiana Guerra/Chapin Chronicle)
Brannon Bullitt (Tatiana Guerra/Chapin Chronicle)

Severe injuries have become a big part of Chapin High School in the sports area.

JV football player Shemar Bullock, was one of the players who tore his ACL right before the season was about to start in Chapin’s JV scrimmage game against Mayfield.

‘‘Honestly, I didn’t feel like anything. I just thought tearing my ACL was for a reason and all I can do was think positive,’’ Bullock said. The outcome for this situation was that Bullock would be out for the 2013 football season.‘’It actually does kind of suck. But all I can do is think positive and hopefully next season I can come back better than what I left as!!’’

ACL tears weren’t the only injuries happening at Chapin High School. Alexies Martinez, a Varsity cheerleader recently fell from a stunt and suffered from a head concussion. In cheerleading, trust is one major aspect of the sport, and this impacted Martinez’s outlook on cheerleading, ‘’It was very hard to trust my stunt group.’’

Junior Rafael Vega and sophomore Brannon Bullitt, were two of Chapin’s Varsity football players who also tore their ACLs. Vega, who recently underwent surgery to repair his ACL, said,  “I was really disappointed that I couldn’t play football.’’

Bullitt was one of the three injured players who had his ACL repaired with the patella bone. ‘‘I was depressed and mad.’’ What happened to you?.. was the most frequent question asked to injured players on crutches. ‘‘It was annoying because I got asked a lot by everyone.’’

There are different ways to repair an ACL tear. Two ways this injury can be reconstructed is with the hamstring or the patella bone. Bullock and Vega were the two players who had their ACL reconstructed with their hamstring. Once the surgery process has happened, the patient needs to start attending physical therapy. Physical therapy has various exercises that will help the knee get stronger, and rebuild the strength so the athlete may go back into the sport they wish to continue.

Vega described his physical therapy right now to strengthen his knee.

‘‘Yes, I am in physical therapy to get strong again. I go to Health Masters Therapy, and they have me doing step-ups and standing on a bosu to balance.’’ Another physical therapy place that is located in El Paso is Border Therapy Services, where Bullock attends to regain strength in his knee.

Dr. David J. Mansfield and Dr. Jacob S. Heydemenn, are two surgeons in the El Paso area who specialize in Orthopedics. Mansfield completed his fellowship training in sports medicine at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York. Heydemenn completed his fellowship at the Hospital of sick children in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

This ended up being a bittersweet season for the three injured football players. Next season  is when they expect to be recovered and able to go back into the sport they were not able to play due to their injury. ‘‘I’m excited to go back.’’ said Bullitt.

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