Huskies decorate for annual hallway spirit contest

Photos by Aaron Garcia


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Chapin Homecoming Court 2016

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Homecoming is Here!

Attention! Attention! Homecoming has finally arrived!

Everybody loves homecoming, and if you don’t, certainly you love some aspect of it! Whether it be the game, the dance, the pep rally, or just the overall togetherness of it all. Homecoming brings everybody together and shows school spirit in a way that no other event can.

This year homecoming is especially exciting because we’re doing something we haven’t done in a minute! We’re making a print issue all about Homecoming 2016. We’re talking about the court, interviewing everybody from teachers to freshman, and so much more! Make sure to get your copy when it comes out. Who knows– ou might be in it!

If you missed the memo, this year’s theme is games. The freshman have Nintendo, sophomores have Mobile Apps, juniors have Board Games and seniors have Arcade! Make sure you don’t miss your class hall decorating day, September 23, 2016.

The homecoming game will be on September 30 at Irvin High School. Our mighty Chapin Huskies play El Paso High so come out and support your school. If you’re only interested in the dance, then don’t worry we have all of that information as well. The homecoming dance will be held at the Wyndham El Paso Airport Hotel on October 1 from 8:00 pm- 12:00 midnight. Tickets at the door will be $60.00 so make sure you purchase yours asap for half the price.

Finally, let’s talk about spirit week! On September 24, it’s Pajama Day so jump out of bed and come right to school.

September 25 is Dynamic Duo/Rival Day!

Wednesday, September 26 is Geek Day,

Thursday is Favorite Character Day and Friday is Blueout Day!

So with everything going on with homecoming, there are so many opportunities to show how much you love your school.

Suicide Squad Review

(Photo retrieved from

(Photo retrieved from

Nowadays, you can’t walk one step without bumping into a new superhero movie, with six coming out this year alone and even more next year.

Sometimes, these movies are great, and other times, they’re just terrible.

Suicide Squad has been seen as both by the general public, with countless amounts of mixed reviews flooding the internet.

All movies have their fair share of good and bad qualities, and Suicide Squad is no exception.

However, one side of the spectrum strongly overpowers the others.

The Suicide Squad cast gathered together at San Diego Comic Con 2016. (Photo retrieved from

The Suicide Squad cast gathered together at San Diego Comic Con 2016. (Photo retrieved from

Suicide Squad is an ambitious project, as you’d sooner expect DC and Warner Bros. to bring bigger and more well-known franchises to the big screen than something so unknown to the general audience.

However, it did feature the famous comic book couple the Joker and Harley Quinn, which was sure to reel in crowds.

Surprisingly, the film was not afraid to stray away from their popularity for the sake of the film.

Lesser known characters like Diablo, Deadshot, and Rick Flag were not in any way pushed aside to ride off of the more well-known characters’ popularity.

The movie also did something that no other DC movie has done in a while.

It was fun.

There is nothing wrong with dark superhero movies (The Dark Knight is one of the most popular ones of all time), but DC has been in that stage for quite a while, so it was refreshing to see such a colorful and humorous movie.

The Suicide Squad heading into action. (Photo retrieved from

The Suicide Squad heading into action. (Photo retrieved from

However, the film’s colorful tone did work against it at many points during the story.

There are scenes that are clearly meant to be much darker and serious, but got completely lost somewhere along the process.

This gave off a confusing affect where the audience didn’t really know how to feel.

For example, during the beginning of the film there is a section where Amanda Waller, the organizer of the Suicide Squad, is running through each of the character’s profiles.

It shows Harley Quinn’s profile with a wacky and crazy vibe to fit the character.

However, it then shows Harley before she was crazy being electrocuted by the Joker and slowly losing her sanity with wacky and colorful filters on the screen.

This sort of inconsistency is constant throughout the film.

Speaking of the Joker, he deserves a section of his own.

This character was portrayed by Jared Leto and came with a crazy bit of stories behind the scenes about how Leto got deep into the character through method acting.

However, the portrayal was rather basic to say the least.

Whether it is because of the studio or Leto is unclear, but this version of the character will not likely be as remembered as some previous Joker incarnations.

Jared Leto as The Joker. (Photo retrieved from

Jared Leto as The Joker. (Photo retrieved from

The movie is also accompanied with several moments that are completely out of character for a lot of the Suicide Squad members.

There are scenes where Harley Quinn chooses the safety of the Suicide Squad over the Joker (which she would never do), and Captain Boomerang chooses to stay with the group instead of leaving (which he would never do), along with much, much more.

The villains of the film were also incredibly lacking.

Enchantress has a very unclear set of motivation.

The only explanation in the whole movie is a scene where she talks with her super forgettable brother about how they must destroy humans with technology so that they’ll bow down to them, or something.

Not to mention how absurdly Enchantress got her powers to begin with.

Basically, this archeologist finds an ancient engraved bottle in a cave, and like all good archeologists do, she just breaks it open with her bare hands right then and there and a demon inside the bottle possesses her in an almost laughable moment.

There was a small mumble of the girl’s name that was seemingly supposed to suggest that it was calling to her, but this was not nearly present enough and was frankly unnoticeable until further analysis of the scene during my second viewing.

The audience is also supposed to feel bad for the human that Enchantress possesses, but they never give her character.

She just sits and does nothing until the Enchantress is activated and everyone’s supposed to feel bad for her, even though she has had little to no personality up to that point.

Having a demonic world-ending villain wasn’t a good idea to begin with anyway.

It leaves the audience wondering where on earth Batman, Wonder Woman, the Flash, and Aquaman are while supervillains are left in charge of saving the world.

The enemy should have been someone much less important and much more localized, like the Joker.

Cara Delevigne as Enchantress, the villain of the movie. (Photo retrieved from

Cara Delevigne as Enchantress, the villain of the movie. (Photo retrieved from

The movie is full of some good qualities and some bad ones.

If you’re simply looking for a fun movies than its more than likely that you’ll enjoy this.

However, if you’re an analytical person, this movie may be rather frustrating to you.

It may very well be a product of editing, as rumors spread everywhere about Warner Bros. making several cuts of the movie, not to mention that the Comic Con trailer for Suicide Squad advertised a much darker film.

Perhaps there is a great movie somewhere in the footage, but it wasn’t quite the edit that hit the theaters.

Jeep Craze

jeep-wrangler Walking through the parking lot of Chapin High School is an interesting site. You have cars belonging to teachers, as well as students. All types of cars can be seen, sedans, coupes, convertibles etc. But one thing I have noticed that took me by surprise, is the Jeeps.

Oh the Jeeps.  Seems like everybody is getting one. This is not just Chapin, but other schools as well. So the question is, why? What’s the deal with Jeeps?

This question dives deep in the topics about what is cool, affordable, and a good car/truck in general. It’s simple. Jeeps are timeless. Depending on the year, Jeep Wranglers (the classic icon of the brand) can range from $3,000, anywhere to $40,000. And no matter what year it is, it’s a Jeep. It’s “cool”. Plus, they are built like a tank. C’mon they were created just for the military.

Being reliable is key when it comes to getting a car. The only truck in the industry that can be driven by the most girly girls, but also the manliest of men, is a jeep.

Odd huh? There is not another truck or car that can do that. Owning a jeep, automatically puts you in this group or cult, full of OFFROADING, CRUISES and Jeep Waves? What is a Jeep Wave? Who knows, I don’t own a Jeep.

Overall the Jeep crave is something I approve of. Even though I wouldn’t find myself getting one, it’s cool. I’m glad it’s a Jeep, and not something else like…a Miata. In conclusion, Jeeps are a good way to go, especially if it’s your first car. So keep getting dirty in that mud you Jeeps, I like it.

Double Duty: Spotlight on Madison Hofmann

Madison Hofmann, 11, currently participates in over three extracurricular sports and takes over three advanced placement courses.

Madison Hofmann, 11, currently participates in over three extracurricular sports and takes over three advanced placement courses.

It’s Friday night, the eve before the extending, nearly 3 mile race, as she is preparing and motivating herself to run to the best of her ability. Although, will cross country runner, Madison Hofmann be able to center herself on running with a nearly 8 page essay on her mind?

At 16, the Chapin High School junior currently participates in three challenging sports with the addition of 4 AP college-level classes. Hofmann currently a member of the cross country team at Chapin additionally participates in swimming in the fall and winter, and track and field in the spring.

Hofmann, who is presently taking AP Physics, AP U.S History, AP Statistics, and AP English and Language Composition said,  “These AP classes are a lot of work but I would definitely say they are worth it and you retrieve a great deal of information.”

With determination and perseverance, Madison Hofmann intends to use time management skills sternly in order to complete her assigned work. Although Hofmann has had past experience with these two significant subjects dating back to middle school, her goal has been to always finish her work in a timely manner.

Hofmann plans to ensure her future education by attending college and tending to focus on academics. Although, she would like to join intramural clubs or sports that are offered to stay mentally and physically healthy. “Academics will always come first before sports, as it helps you in pursuing greater things,”  Hofmann said.

The challenge will always be finding the time to work especially when you’re exhausted, but you must have the perseverance and determination to get it done.

Colin Kaepernick taking a risky seat


Colin Kaepernick sitting down for national anthem is understandable but it is very dishonorable.

After all the injustice this country is witnessing and that’s plaguing this country, San Francisco 49ers’ quarterback Colin Kaepernick is protesting for all the people that have been victims of police brutality.

Though I understand where he’s coming from, and it is his right to protest, this was not the way to protest. Sitting down for the national anthem is disrespectful to the men and women who serve this country and those who have put their life on the line to protect and serve the United States of America. There are many alternatives to protesting, something that’s going to make people want to join your protest, and by sitting down for the national anthem, makes people not wanting to join you

Many people have opinions on this controversy, For Jorge Soto,  “I think it’s  good that he’s supporting it, but there’s other ways he can go about it. Sitting down for the anthem is dishonorable.”

There are many people who are like Jorge who will disagree with his decision. Amari Mayfield also said, “He shouldn’t have sat down, the African- Americans who have died don’t compare to all the American soldiers who have died. There were many times where my father almost lost his life serving… Colin could’ve posted something and opened up after the game, he could’ve donated to the families that are suffering.”

It’s really hard to find people who agree with Colin, especially in a military based school by Fort Bliss. A lot of people know he has the right to protest, but not in the fashion Colin Kaepernick did it.

There are many athletes who stand with him now like, Stephen Curry, 4 Miami Dolphin players, Brandon Marshall (Texans) and even Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. They think he is doing right, and it’s very patriotic.

I think if Colin Kaepernick won games and was the starting quarterback for any team, I think he would’ve had a whole lot more people supporting him, his whole fan base. Winners have people backing them up, and that’s what Colin Kaepernick is not, a winner.

Walking in This Month’s in Shoes

by Eric Drake and Cristian Castaneda


Nike back to school shoe releases

With School starting and summer almost over, Nike likes to drop player’s shoes in summer packs almost as “back to school” releases. This summer, Nike is using a light colored theme of gray, teal, and some light green, and small accents of bright crimson, all with gum sole color in its packs.

The Kobe 11 summer pack features a white mesh upper with white laces and a teal Nike swoosh paired with the insole lining. The flywire in the front and mamba logo on the tongue are highlighted in bright crimson.

The Kyrie 2 summer pack is earthier, with an all light bone upper, and a white midsole. The sole is gum colored and the shoes top eyelets are bright crimson as well as the Kyrie logo on the tongue.

One of the most hyped shoes of the summer would be the KD 9 Summer Pack. Retailed at $150, The KD 9’s are a multicolor white and metallic silver. They are described to have a flyknit construction, with vibrant tones of volt and bright crimson adorning the majority of the component for its distinctive look.

2016 NBA MVP Lebron James released his summer pack Lebron 13 Low. The colorway is Stealth Grey/ White – Bright Crimson – Gum Light brown. Being a part of the summer pack Nike decided to make the shoes Lows. The shoe features a Stealth Grey upper with white detailing on the Nike branding. The heel tab is a Bright Crimson. Finishing off with a gum and teal outside.

Three for One: Spotlight on Mondarius Johnson

Chapin wide receiver Mondarius Johnson jukes out two Eastlake defenders to gain much needed yardage. Fainl game score 14-6. (Robert Martinez/Blueprint)

Chapin wide receiver Mondarius Johnson jukes out two Eastlake defenders to gain much needed yardage. Fainl game score 14-0. (Robert Martinez/Blueprint)

Mondarius Johnson could possible by one of the best all-around athletes at Chapin because he plays football and runs track and shoots basketball.

Last year Mondo and his teammates won Districts, and Bi-Districts and at the end of the season he was awarded with First Team All- Conference. Johnson has his own motto which he lives by and it is “Losing is always an option, but it’s your choice not to make one.”

Before coming to El Paso he grew up in Columbus, Mississippi until his dad got transferred here to El Paso.

One of Johnson’s friends, Brendan Reid described his friend as “goofy and very outgoing and kind to his friends on and off the field and very well spoken and talented.” Another of his friends who Johnson practically considers his brother, Ray Hall said, “That he is a D1 bound athlete and that he’s on the top of the game.”


Q: How does he balance being an athlete and a student?

A: “I eventually finds time for both before and after practice especially since I have to keep my grades up in order to play ball.”

Q: What college he wants to go to and what he wants to do?

A: “I want to go to Arizona State University for automotive engineering because of my love for cars.”

“Mondo” is known for playing the best position in the game which is wide receiver but he plays other positions like quarterback and running back.

Q: What would he choose to play permanently?

A: “I would choose wide receiver because it’s one of the best opportunities to play college football.”

Everyone has goals to accomplish but when I asked him what he want to accomplish Johnson said, “All I want to accomplish success and happiness.” Of course all athletes have spare time and in his spare time, “I love driving cars, and playing video games.”

Q: What he does before a game?

A: “I talk to my girlfriend and my family, and I make sure to eat a good meal and stay hydrated.”

Players all have something they play or run for.

Q: What motivates Mondo to play the game?

A: “My mother and my brothers are the ones I play for because they’re the ones I love and care about most.”


Chapin 2016 Top 10%

Congratulations to the seniors in the photo gallery for earning Top Ten Percent!


Top Ten Percent 2016 from Chapin Chronicle Online on Vimeo.