Chapin 2016 Top 10%

Congratulations to the seniors in the photo gallery for earning Top Ten Percent!


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All A Honor Roll for 2015-2016

Congratulations to the student included in the photo gallery for All A’s for the first 3 marking periods for this school year.


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Chapin breaks its own blood drive records

Twice a school year, Chapin hosts a blood drive to which many students volunteer. This most recent blood drive had a grand total of 234 students donating and with these students, the goal set by the United Blood Services was easily surpassed. According to Eleonore Stroud, the initial goal was 184 units of blood and plasma and after all of the students donated, there was a whopping 289 units of blood and plasma.

“We well exceeded the goal that was set for us. With all the volunteers that we had, it’s not surprising with how much we had in the end,” Stroud said.

With all the people that volunteered, having a few complications was inevitable. The waiting area was filled to the brim with anxious volunteers, and with that being said, some let the anxiety get to them. After a mixture of not eating and nervousness, Junior Tyler Tallmon had an unfortunate accident right after donating blood. While in the recovery area, Tallmon went to grab some water and a snack while waiting until she could return to class when midway through walking towards the snacks, she blacked out.

“I honestly don’t really remember too much of what happened. I was just walking, then I sort of fell over, then next thing I remember, I was getting woken up and placed in a chair while people were grabbing ice for me,” Tallmon said.

This shouldn’t be discouraging to future donor, and as long as they follow precautions, they should be fine.   Blood Services personnel and Chapin’s honor societies were on site to monitor all donors.

Chapin plans to continue its blood drive in the fall, and once  again lead the northeast in donations.  For more information, about donating blood or becoming a volunteer, contact either Blood Services or Chapin’s Eleonore Stroud.

5 Money Management Skills For Teens to Practice

Opening a Savings Account

Opening up a savings account is an important thing that teens can do to begin their path to managing their money. When you have money in your wallet it is very easy to spend your hard earned cash on impulse purchases, and you may find yourself spending money on things that you don’t need. With a savings account it becomes much harder for you to just spend your money while on the go. Having to constantly travel to the bank in order to take out your money for purchases will discourage impulse purchases that you will later regret wasting money on.

It is important that when you have a savings account, linking this account to a debit card at a younger age can also be equally as penalizing towards spending habits. As you get older it will become a necessary thing to have a debit card for making online or even everyday essential purchases however when you are younger a debit card will just be something that makes it easier to buy all the things you don’t need.

Don’t Buy Things Just to Buy Things

When you are going through a store and you see cat mugs sitting on display, one of your first thoughts may be that you have to buy them and that you cant live without them. The truth is that purchases like these are going to be things that may be used once and sit in the back of your kitchen forever.

When you buy things off of an impulse in stores, it is something that even if it is only a $15 product it can add up over a period of time. Often times the decisions to not buy useless products can be made in a couple of seconds. To prevent yourself from buying wasteful things and throwing your money around, a good thing to do would be to ask yourself a couple of questions about what you are buying. The two questions are “Do I need this?”, and “How often will I use this?”. These two questions will most of the time help to filter out your good buys from those things that just waste money.

Continue to Save Up Your Money

When you are trying to save up some of your money, setting up a certain amount of emergency funds that you always want to have for a rainy day is good however, it should never remain the same amount. If you tell yourself that you always want to have $500 saved for a rainy day this may not be good to always have your saved amount as $500. As you continue to gain more money whether it be through jobs or birthday money that $500 emergency funds should become $550 then $600 etc.

If you continue to have your rainy day account as $500 this will encourage you to continue spending money until you get to the $500 then you will never continue to get more wealthy. If you set this value to continue growing it will start making you save more money and it will teach you good habits that make it easier to continue having more and more money.

Set a Spending Budget

Treating yourself to something nice and rewarding yourself by spending money going somewhere fun or buying a game is something that you have to do and theres nothing wrong with using your hard earned money to enjoy yourself however the key to this is not going overboard.

When you are thinking of ways to spend your money, it is good to set aside a certain amount of money that you will allow yourself to spend on fun so that you don’t blow all your money at once. This means that if you plan on buying something that is $100 and you only set aside $50 then you may not buy anything for 2 months to make up for it. When it comes to spending your money.

Set Up a List of What to Buy

Making a list of what to buy isn’t only important when you are heading to the grocery store but also to every shopping trip. When it comes to buying things on your shopping trip to the store it can be easy to get side tracked and spend money on things you don’t need. A way that you can stop this from happening is by making a list of what you are going to get before you leave.

If you make your list of the things that you need to buy before you go shopping it will save you from getting side tracked and spending money where you really don’t need to. Not only is making this list important but it is also important to stick to it and don’t try to bring a pencil and add on things while you’re walking around.



5 Things You Should Know About Fashion

  1. Shoes: Shoes are the center of your outfit. In every persons closet should be a pair of shoes for every occasion, parties, exercise, casual clothing, etc. You could match so many things with just one pair of nice shoes. And keeping your shoes clean is also a priority.
  2. Clean clothes: Keeping your clothes clean is important, to avoid smelling bad and looking bad, and for this, you have to learn how to wash different types of clothing to maintain its style. for examples, with cotton clothing, you never wash it in warm water due to the fact that they shrink. Delegates are always washed with each other as well as jean
  3. Money on clothes: How to save money on your clothes is pretty easy. There’s stores here in El Paso such as Plato’s Closet, that sell clothes in really good condition and for almost 75% off original brand price. And the cool thing also, is that they have real brands such as Abercombie & Fitch, and  AX. There are two locations in El Paso, one on the west side’s North Mesa and in central on Viscount.
  4. Matching Clothes: The way you coordinate your clothes is important.
  5. Size: The size of your pants/shorts and your shirts would be the last tip. You don’t want to look too fat or like your clothes don’t fit you, or too short either, so finding the right size for you is big.

Hello Fresh!

For those who don’t know, Hello Fresh is a company that ships boxes of ingredients and recipes to buyers. Every week there are different recipes sent the subscriber’s home to test new dishes. In this last installment of The Hungry Husky, I test out Hello Fresh’s recipe Herbed Lemon Chicken Caesar Salad.

There are many other companies that sell subscription food services such as Blue Apron, Plated, and Home Chef. For this episode I was able to test out a box from Hello Fresh. The recipe was extremely easy to follow along with and all the ingredients, except salt and pepper, were provided. If you have to opportunity I would highly recommend signing up for one of these food services. The recipes are quick and easy, plus they taste great!

Families Shell Out Big Bucks for Prom

With prom just around the corner, the whole experience does not come cheap as a new survey is showing. The average household in 2015 spent $919 on the full prom experience. $324 alone as spent on the promposal. While the price of promposals has been rising the full amount of money spent on prom has been going down from past years.

While you would expect that families with more to spend would be the ones contributing to the figures, it is actually quite the opposite. The average for families who make under $50,000 annually plan to spend $1109 on the prom. Those who make under $25,000 annually will be spending $1393 and those who make over $50,000 will spend $799. The reason behind families with less spending more is likely due to the fact that families who make more will not have to spend money on things like tuxedo rentals.

For those who are looking to budget their prom, the Plan’it Prom app allows for exactly that. The app is available in the App Store and the Google Play Store and allows you to keep track of everything that you will need for your big night. This will allow you to make sure you keep your money on track.         

Fencing club hosts annual end of year tournament

Senior Ricardo Lopez walks under the salute that the team made for the team's two seniors. (Danielle Ortiz/Chronicle)

Senior Ricardo Lopez walks under the salute that the team made for the team’s two seniors. (Danielle Ortiz/Chronicle)

The Chapin Fencing Club hosted its end of the year tournament on Saturday, May 21, 2016. Both the Dueling Society for advanced fencers and the beginning fencers competed for medals. The results were as follows:

First place- Sirius Del Castillo

Second Place- Jesus Avila

Third Place-Ricardo Lopez

Due to the lack of beginner fencers, only two members competed for first and second place. Those results were:

First Place- Julio Barrera

Second Place- William Hite

Seniors Ricardo Lopez and Jesus Avila were given a proper goodbye at their last tournament. They took their last walk underneath the swords of their team mates.

The fencing club holds one tournament a year and the members always compete against each other.

“We can’t compete against other schools because we are the only fencing club in EPISD,” Boetto said.

The fencing tournament works based on the number of fencers that participate. Fencing has three different weapon styles: Foil. Epee, and Saber, but the Chapin fencers use the epee weapon that is used in classic Olympic styles.  More advanced duelers play around with more “Hollywood Style” fencing.

“If we have a lot of fencers certain types of styles will be used, if we have very few fencers, other styles will be used. We had a good showing of dueling fencers but we had a very slight showing on our fencers due to academics. Fencing is a club so school always come first,” Boetto said.

After the tournament, the team had a potluck to celebrate another successful year of fencing. As Boetto looks to next year, he hopes to stay consistent.

“Our goals are the same as always, to have enough people, to get students interested, and to have fun!”

Going Once, Going Twice, Sold for Senior Week Spirit

Every year Chapin holds their annual senior auction.

Near the end of the spring semester, seniors begin all the fun activities they’ve been waiting all for years to do, the senior auction is no exception.

The auction is a unique way for the senior class to raise funds for prom, senior breakfast, and the senior legacy. This years auction helped the senior class add something new to their breakfast.

“We made money that helped out with the senior breakfast,” senior class officer, Danielle Ortiz said. “ We were able to have a photo booth, which has never been done before?”

For the auction, a group of seniors sign up to be auctioned off and for a whole week they have to do whatever their buyer asks of them, as long as it follows the guidelines. Students are typically told to dress up as weird things during the week.

“On Monday I had to dress up as a lifeguard and on Thursday I had to wear heels,” senior Gabriel Hamilton said.

Students can be bought anywhere from one dollar to $46. No matter who little or how much the seniors are bought for, the money goes to a good cause and helps the senior class continue fun activities to finish off their high school career with laughs and slight embarrassment.

5 Things about Captain America: Civil War

*Warning! Spoilers are involved
Bucky Barnes, the winter soldier, is the one faulted for setting up the explosion in the United Nations (UN) meeting and even though with little proof that he set up the explosion everybody in the Avengers go after him as if he is the true fugitive. The whole movie is just having the Avengers go after or protect Bucky. The superhero registration act doesn’t even cause a big commotion, not that it would make them go into a civil war. Really and truly they are fighting because Captain America wants to protect his best friend and the superhero registration act is just an excuse.

2. Captain America just really isn’t a great guy

It seems like going against the “world” for your best friend is a noble and unselfish thing to do, but for Captain America it’s just not right. He goes against the people he called his family and saved the world with just for one guy that all seems great, but does he really have to fight them? What ever happened to talking it out? They are the avengers and his friends not the next avenger villains. Instead of doing this even he decides to fight them and only agrees to stop because Bucky says it’s wrong. Captain America was told this by every other Avenger, but when Bucky says it’s wrong everything just seems to change out of nowhere.

3. Spider-Man and Ant man steal the show
The title of the movie is Captain America: Civil war, but all people seemed to care about was Spider-man and Ant man as if this was this reboot movie or sequel movie. Just the wit and comedy these two characters bring to the movie. They have the viewers wanting more of them, rather than any other character like Captain America, even though this is his movie.

4. What the superhero registration act is
The superhero registration act is a law put by the government to make the superheroes reveal their identity to the world and for them to hand all their superhero equipment to the government, until they are given the authority to get it back to a mission that the government must approve them to go on. It gives power on the superheroes to the government, so that the government can keep the superheroes “In check.” You can see why this would spark up a civil war with the Avengers some superheroes just don’t want the leash put on them.
5. The movie really isn’t just like the comics
Not all movies stay within the lines of the comic they are based on and Captain America was very loosely based on the comic itself. The comic did involve Captain America and Iron Man fighting, but not for Bucky. They fought simply because the superhero registration act was set in motion by the government and Captain America didn’t agree with the government, but Iron Man did. Also the characters in the movie are in the wrong side. Black Panther was not fighting on Iron Man’s team in the comics. In the movie it is found that Hydra set everything up and set a bomb off in the UN building to try to blame Bucky so they could start a commotion with the government and the Avengers, which would later have the Avengers put against each other. All this major plot never happened in the comics. The UN building never got blown up, they never fought because of Bucky, they were on different sides, and it was found that it was an alien race that set them up for world domination not Hydra.